What do karaoke, postcards & France all have in common?


Me, as it turns out.

When Natalie Peluso did Fearless Karaoke back in July, I loved it and wished I’d noticed it was happening so I could have participated. (I was in a creative bubble at the time. Not much gets through.)

Anyways, I’ve been singing a lot and thinking about singing a lot and thinking about singing (good gawd) publicly a lot.

It’s not that I have aspirations of becoming a professional singer.

There is just something about singing – about letting my voice ring clear – that is calling to me right now.

And I’ve been singing and boogie-ing like nobody’s business since I was accepted into the school in France.

So here’s what I’m thinking.

Ideally, I don’t want to pay my tuition at the last possible second. I’d like to pay as early on Tuesday as possible.

If I can raise the rest of my tuition ($1300) by Tuesday at 12pm EST, I will record a video of myself, singing karaoke and dancing.

I get to pick the song (I already have one in mind, it’s been my anthem the last 2 weeks).

And on Tuesday, right after I pay my tuition bill, I will post a video of me, singing loudly, and with gusto, (and dancing with even more gusto), to celebrate.

Because at that point, it’s gonna be Official Official.

I will be going to France to study art for 3 whole months.

I figure a little singing and dancing would be in order to celebrate. :)

Wait! What about the postcards?

And as an added bonus, I’ve decided that with any purchase of an original piece or print, you’ll get a postcard or 2 from me from somewhere in Europe this summer.

Just for giggles, ya know?

Want to see me dance and sing AND get awesome art and European postcards?

Click the button below to get started.

Yes! I want art & postcards and singing & dancing. Especially the singing & dancing.(Don’t forget that even if you can’t afford to help me out financially, if you spread the love all over the internets, you’ll get one step closer to seeing me be a happy dork on camera ;))