The Sunday Hug: Playing small


The Sunday HugWelcome to the Sunday Hug! Leave your shame, guilt and sin at the door, and put your Compassion Pants on. Every Sunday, I chat about things we often pretend aren’t there – fear, anger, overwhelm, envy. You know – all those things that make us human.

And then everyone gets a hug, because being a human can be hard. We all fall down sometimes. It’s cool. The great thing about falling down is you get to pick yourself back up again. With love, compassion and kindness.

This is one gigantic hug for the days when you feel small teeny tiny.

I’ve been feeling extra small lately. As France gets closer, I seem to be feeling smaller.

The money I need feels overwhelming. I’ve been procrastinating on getting it together because I just don’t feel capable of raising it.

I’ve been treating myself like a charity case again – it’s what I fall back on, when I get scared. Victim thinking. I start to constrict myself.

I keep telling myself that I can only make exactly the amount that I need to get to France and not a cent more because that would be evil. I’m a charity case right? A starving artist. It would be morally wrong for me to have extra money to buy some nice French cheese, or do a bit of extra traveling while I’m there. (Spain! You call to my soul.)

I allow myself exactly enough to scrape by, and not a cent more.

I struggle with allowing myself to embrace life fully, to expand and grow and savour.

I often hold myself back. I play it small. It’s so easy to do.

I’ve been yearning lately to let myself shine, to jump into life with both feet, to stop holding myself down, and keeping my spirit in tiny boxes.

I want to flourish, to prosper.

I have no answers or solutions. Just an invitation to join me. It’s a journey. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing yet, but any bits of wisdom that I glean, I’ll be sure to share.

And now I turn it over to you.

Do you hold yourself back? Do you stop yourself from flourishing? What have you learned about letting yourself flourish? Is this is something that you struggle with, or is it something that you’ve overcome?

All kind, loving thoughts are welcome!

And as always, one gigantic squishy hug for dealing with this stuff, because hey – being a human is hard.

(Also, can I get an extra hug today? My sister has been staying with me all week and she goes home tonight and I am going to miss her like crazy.)