Study of JS

Coloured pencil & white chalk on toned paper
12″x 16″

Most of you have never taken one of my art classes, so you probably haven’t heard me get excited about random parts of the body.

Confession: I am weird.

One of the weird things that I love are torsos. Torsos are just the best. They’re so intricately woven, with muscles crisscrossed and layered across the birdcage of our ribs, some muscles peeking out from behind others, with layers of fat and skin and sometimes breasts (which are also layered!) They’re complex, with their folds and rolls and dimples and scars. Torsos are a visual feast. There’s so much to see and be enchanted by. Don’t even get me started on the beauty of backs.

Torsos. I’m very into them. 
(Now there’s a phrase you don’t hear every day.)

Which brings me to this drawing, where I had the opportunity to delight in a torso-optimal pose: full light on the torso, a slight twist through the waist and I’m the happiest of clams.

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