Looking to the future

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Eggplant study and finger contour drawing


I was suddenly, radically clear the other day on how I want my business to evolve. Which is scary. And I promptly freaked out. Because when you have clarity, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from moving forward.

You can see the next step right in front of you. You know it’s the right direction. You know it’s where your heart is yearning to go.

But actually taking that step?

Yep, not so easy.

So instead I made muffins.

I like to bake and ponder life, business and art. I find the process of baking soothing and grounding. So while I mixed ingredients, I stirred my own internal pot.

I’ve been torn for a long time – there’s the business and life that I envision in my head, and then there’s the business and life that part of me thinks I’m “supposed” to have to be truly successful.

The thing is, I’m not so great at being one of those people who constructs a solid barrier between their personal and business life. A lot of the artists I see who have created success for themselves seem to run on a similar formula – simple portfolio websites, with very little words and very little information about who they are and what they really think. They sell their work through galleries and keep a very solid wall between their personal life and their business.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It works for them, and that’s what matters.

But I start to suffocate in that formula.

There’s a part of me that worries I’ll never be taken seriously if I deviate from that more traditional route. On the other hand, it’s a path that makes me miserable.

I want to muse about life out loud (kinda like I’m doing now). I want to be open, to share my life and my experiences because that seems to be helpful for others and it’s pretty damn helpful for myself.

I want to share my art and my words. My whole life is a creative exploration and evolution. I feel called to share it.

So I’m going to keep moving in the same direction as always, but this time, with conviction. I can’t change myself or what I truly want and dream about. I might as well move in that direction.

Over to you

Have you ever chosen to tread an unconventional path in your career or try something new and different? Do you dream of doing that? Share your experiences in the comments!