I love my people.


So the debut episode of “Watching Paint Dry”, my new live painting show, went absurdly well.

I had so much fun, it’s ridiculous.

A couple of discoveries about myself:

1. I really love being on “TV”. Turns out, I’m a shameless exhibitionist with absolutely no trouble talking to an empty room. Who knew.

2. I can paint and answer questions at the same time and the painting does not end up looking like crap. Amazingly, it’s still looking pretty good, and I actually got stuff done.

3. I LOVE answering questions about my art and having the platform to ramble on about what’s important to me in my paintings, which I don’t feel I can do passionately enough on the blog.

Also, it has come to my notice that watching paint dry is officially more fun than watching water boil. Hells yes.

Oddly enough, I think the thing that broke my nerves was the fact that I completely screwed up the broadcasting at the beginning. And the ability to make a joke about it made me relax and feel better. Because I already messed up in the first 30 seconds, so it could only go up from there, right? And it did.

The only down side was that my technical difficulties frazzled me so much that I forgot to record it. I am kinda sad about that, but since the first show went so well, this is definitely going to become a weekly thing. The fact that everyone else enjoyed it so much too was even better. I totally did not expect comments like “This is so much fun!”

Seriously – my people are the best people in the world. How am I so lucky as to have such excellent people for my people? Blows me away every single time. Checking my stats, I had 51 people watching. For real! 51 people! The chat room was rocking and my people asked brilliant, insightful, excellent questions. Stuff that I never even thought to tell people about. And they were encouraging and just plain wonderful. Wonderful.

So today, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who showed up. And to those who couldn’t make it but wanted to – next week we’re going again, and I am definitely recording it this time. So even if you can’t make it, you’ll still be able to watch the antics. Next week, there may even be singing.

I think this is the start of a beautiful thing. So stoked! :)