Update #2!

We did it!

Full update coming soon.

Contributions are still welcomed AND we wanted to tell you so you can do the living room dance with us.

little girl dancing in a dress and sunglasses


Dear Everyone,

Your responses in the last 48h made what felt like an impossible dream become reality: we are now $500 USD away from paying for the full cost of the artist residency fee.

We initially focused only on the deposit of $1100 due to our own capacity and the time constraints. The outpouring of support has been transformative and magical, allowing Brittany to move forward with making creative decisions about equipment to look into next. (How exciting is that?!)

It would be make our hearts so full of joy and gratitude if we could get Brittany the full amount this week, so she can immerse herself into getting ready for this experience. To everyone who sent small and large amounts, every single bit helps and is meaningful to us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We appreciate you.

p.s. In our next update, we’ll have the info on where to sign up to stay posted.

Let’s help a young artist achieve one of her dreams

For those of you who have been around a long time, you’ll remember back in 2011 when I made my giant-impossible-I-can’t-even-believe-it dream of studying art in France come true, with a HELL of a lot of help from kind people like you. You sent me money, you bought my paintings, you cheered me on for 3 spectacular years.

It was one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences of my life and it’s been important to me to find ways to pay that forward. 

Right now is one of those moments.

A young artist friend of mine, Brittany J., was recently accepted into an artist residency program in France for 2022. This is her dream. And while she received a scholarship, there are still fees to be paid. She needs to raise another $1100 USD to cover the initial deposit that is due by January 15th (next Friday).

In honour of her dream and all of the people who supported me, I’m auctioning off 2 egg paintings I made over the winter holidays to contribute to her dream. I will also be accepting smaller & larger payments on her behalf if you feel called to contribute without bidding.

These pieces normally sell for $200 USD – the last one I donated to an auction fundraiser went for $210. Bidding starts at $100 USD, and shipping will be an extra cost (but nominal since they’re small – around $15-20 at most). All of the proceeds after the credit card companies take their cuts will be sent directly to her and any extra will go towards the next payments that are due later. 

I hope you can help me help her. Thank you.

with love,
Sarah xoxo


Brittany's Dream

My goal as a storyteller is to facilitate conversations about the intersections the world refuses to give its flowers. I write to humanize and normalize Black queer individuals being human and being seen as human. This trip to France is not only the chance of a lifetime, but it is also research for a very specific manuscript that I’ve been saving.

Speckled Egg Study

Egg Study in Pink


Amount Raised To Date

In Brittany’s words:

I’m an interdisciplinary storyteller and The Mighty’s associate editor, one of the world’s leading health communities. I dance between the mediums of written word, photography, videography and performance daily all depending on what story I am trying to tell and what the best way to tell it is. Feel free to sit with my personal essays, fiction work, poetry, photography, short films and past stage performances such as comedy sets, all of which you will find on my website. I’ve worked for entertainment giants such, as The Walt Disney Company and NBCUniversal and have been featured in local galleries, such as The Mize Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I believe the best way to create change is to create. Through my work I hope to create worlds where soft Black girls who are trying to make sense of their emotions while daring to dream of happily ever beginnings, middles and afters feel safe and at home. However I refuse to stay silent when it comes to also critiquing the systems and structures in place in the real world. I dream of a world in which dark soft girls are normalized, protected and held closely and fondly.

This trip is life changing simply because there is a heart project I am working on that I need the trip to complete for research purposes. On my mission to humanize and romanticize dark Black girls getting their happily ever afters I created a manuscript that takes place in France. Through this trip, I will be able to “method act” so to speak through this project. Outside of this individual manuscript, I will be able to collaborate with artists from all around the world deepening my own art and storytelling methods. I will also be donating art to the gallery as agreed upon with the management of the residency program.

 I do not have the funds or lifestyle that allows for easy travel across the country, so this trip is the perfect research endeavor that in comparison will save me thousands compared to doing this out of pocket. This is the chance of a lifetime, and if I’ve learned anything in the past year it’s to take advantage of the big life changing opportunities that are made for you.

Website: https://www.heyitsbrittanyj.com/

Instagram: @heyitsbrittanyj