Come on, show me your light.


(I wrote this months ago and filed it away in a random folder on my computer, titled “Manifesto”. I just found it again and knew I had to share it.)

I believe that there is a light inside of you, just waiting to shine.

I believe that there is something inside you, dying to thrive.

I believe that no matter what kind of shitty hand you’ve been dealt, you can find your happiness and your bliss.

I believe in your ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

I believe in your ability to turn it all around.

I don’t believe that you need to be a “positive thinker.”

I don’t believe in miracles.

I just believe in the fragile strength of the human soul. In our ability to flourish against all of the odds.

Your soul just needs a bit of watering, a bit of fertilizer. It doesn’t need a lot.

It needs gentleness, time and space.

It needs hope and possibility. It needs a dream.

I believe in your dreams.

Even the one that everyone else thinks is crazy.

I believe in your happiness.

When I look at you and the devastation in your life, I don’t see hopelessness. I see new beginnings.


Because I’ve stood and watched my own life burn down around my feet.

Because I’ve been so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed for months.

Because I’ve been through the abuse, emotional and sexual.

Because I thought I hit rock bottom once, but discovered I could go miles deeper.

I thought my life was over.

It was really just beginning.

Please don’t give up.

There is a whole world out there just waiting for you.

You don’t have to know the way.

You just have to follow the bread crumbs.

You don’t even have to believe that the bread crumbs go anywhere good.

I spent months lost in the woods. It didn’t matter.

 Every step you take is a step back to yourself.

I know that with a bit of tenacity and a tiny bit of courage, you can create a new life for yourself.

You don’t need to be brave. I’m the biggest scaredy-cat there is. I have anxiety attacks and worry all the time. I’m skeptical, sometimes even cynical.

So shoot me – I’m human.

And so are you.

You don’t need to be super human to overcome adversity.

You just need to be able to put one foot in front of the other. You just need to be able to dream.

We can all dream. We can all reach that dream.

I believe in your ability to do anything. Seriously.

So, dear heart, when I see your life burning down around you, I don’t see the end.

I see the possibility. I see the possibility where you thought there was none.

I see the hope. I see the dreams.

And I believe in them.

With my heart and my soul, I know that they can come true.

You can have the life you dream of.

You can rebuild. You can grow. You can flourish.

Come with me.

Join me on this journey towards life, hope and happiness.

I’ll help you rebuild your life and your dreams.

With my brush, I’ll paint the way back to your Self.

With my art, I’ll help you find your way home.

River Dee IV © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2010. 24"x30" oil on canvas.

River Dee IV © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2010. 24"x30" oil on canvas.