Yellow-Green Squash

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oil on canvas board
5″ x 7″

Squash varieties absolutely fall under the category of “Vegetables That Can Distract Sarah at a Grocery Store”.

Some are knobbly, some are fabulous colours, and all have an architectural elegance to them.

This was one of those decorative squash they sell around Thanksgiving in Canada – varnished and nigh on indestructible, they’re perfect for me and my habit of benign squash neglect.

How could I not paint this one? Knobbly, striped and multicoloured? A veritable feast for the eyes.

This also felt like a breakthrough piece for me – it was a year or so after I’d finished my studies and I was still wrestling with how to get all of this knowledge out of my brain and onto the canvas.

For whatever reason, this little painting flowed out of me in a way that little else had yet. I finished it and thought, “Well whaddya know. I made that.”

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