Yellow Egg

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oil on gessobord

Here we are, back to the eggs. This egg is another pandemic egg, and the last in a short series of eggs I painted over the winter holidays as we drifted into 2021.

I had a carton of many-coloured free range farm eggs and I was playing with different ways of portraying them: composition, coloured backgrounds. I painted 5 different square-format eggs over 10 days or so. Four of them sold within a month, but I held this one back while I fiddled with the background.

Yellow is a challenging colour to paint – how do you keep the vibrancy even as you paint the light and shadows, without just washing or greying it out?

To add a yellow-toned egg to the mix was just an extra dose of masochism: how many shades of yellow can I squeeze into this?

The final result feels to me like sunshine.

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  • Ottawa local pickup: free
  • Canadian shipping: $20-$40
  • US Shipping: $30-$50
  • Overseas: $100+

$495 – SOLD

An “eggs-travagantza” if you wish

I can’t help it. Buy all the eggs. Hang them everywhere. Trust me, they’ll look fabulous in a breakfast nook or dining area.