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oil on linen, stretched
6″ x 6″

This is the painting of a fruit that hates me.

I’m that lady at the grocery store who is half buying food and half eyeing up the vegetables and fruit to see if I want to turn any of them into paintings. A particularly ornate dragon fruit or romanesco broccoli can distract me completely.

One year I stumbled upon persimmons – I’d never heard of them, and the rich red-orange was intriguing.

“Oh I’ll take one of those,” I said to myself, “And then I’ll eat it after!”

Famous last words.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting its vibrant colour and fun leaves. When I was finished, I chopped it up for a post-painting treat.


Until 15 minutes later when the vicious stomach cramps started.

And that’s the story of how I discovered that I’m allergic to persimmons, which is apparently incredibly rare.

I still like this painting though.

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