Four Slightly Green Eggs, No Ham

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Oil on ACM panel
8″ x 10″

Some paintings flow out of you.

Some paintings fight you tooth and claw.

Don’t let these smooth, charming little eggs fool you: we battled till the end.

Frankly, I’m still not sure if I emerged triumphant or not.

But sometimes the pieces that fight you the hardest are the ones you love the most.

I had a Vision in my head for this piece. The colours reminded me of Danish 19th century interior paintings – consider this my ode to Hammershoi, a la oeuf.

I have been obsessed with painting eggs since I was at art school and my teacher said “You want to get really good at painting people? Paint eggs and actually do it well – it’s harder than you think.”

Challenge, accepted.

Several times a year, I undertake the “egg challenge” to keep my eye and skills sharp. It’s something simple that can always be done a little bit better.

But I’ve also come to love egg paintings for themselves – I’ve fallen for their simple, pleasing shapes, their range of subtle colours and patterns, the variety between species, and their underlying symbolism of new beginnings.

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An “eggs-travagantza” if you wish

I can’t help it. Buy all the eggs. Hang them everywhere. Trust me, they’ll look fabulous in a breakfast nook or dining area.