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oil on gessobord
5″ x 7″

Like the pears in this collection, this painting started as a demonstration for my students that I filmed to finish their painting class online.

This was originally a request from a student – they’d been working on their own clementine paintings and wanted to see how I would handle it.

But what started as a mere exercise in painting turned into a short love affair with the rich vibrancy of this little fruit.

I became fascinated with how to capture the saturation of the orange tones, and purposefully set it against that deep teal background so that the orange would shine even brighter.

This is painted in a method called “alla prima”, meaning that it’s all done in one layer and often in one sitting. It calls for much “brushier” painting, where you can see the marks more, because the paint is wet the whole time you’re painting.

I had a lot of fun laying in those highlights and catching the light on its delicate branch. This is a painting where you can truly see my “process” more than some of my other works.

If you’re curious, you can watch a 2 min time lapse video of the whole process:

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May I suggest a “pearing” with your clementine?

These two pieces would look fantastic with alongside this one.