Acorn Squash

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oil on gessobord
6″x 6″

Squash varieties absolutely fall under the category of “Vegetables That Can Distract Sarah at a Grocery Store”.

Some are knobbly, some are fabulous colours, and all have an architectural elegance to them.

Each year a different variety catches my eye. Often my downfall is that I overestimate just how many squash I can paint over the autumn, and you can usually find some of my poor victims wasting away at the back of my fridge. (I can’t eat them, because what if I get the time to paint them?)

Your sacrifices were noble, dear squashes past, and we salute you.

This particular acorn squash came out on top. When I first spied it at the back of the farmer’s stall, it was such a dark green that I thought it was black. “Black squash!” I thought, “How fun!”

Turns out, not quite, but still a lovely shape and a wonderful dark rich green colour with hints of orange blushing through in places, and the little dings and marks that make a squash unique.

As with my usual Autumn Squash Optimism, this piece should have had a companion painting of a small orange pumpkin, but I don’t need to tell you what happened there.

This little guy is a survivor.

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May I suggest a companion for this squash?

Either of these pieces would look fantastic hung next to this one! Whether you want a vibrant complementary palette with the persimmon or a cooler green palette with the other squash, both would add charm to your breakfast nook or dining area (or anywhere!)