Always listen to the happy 93 year old.


She probably knows something you don’t.

I met the most marvellous woman this weekend.

Charlotte is her name. Every single Saturday, she shows up at the Queen Street arts festival, rain or shine, and stays all day to sell her art. She is 93 years old, and has more life than most 18 year olds. The twinkle in her eye could blind you from 20 paces.

And you know when you meet a 93 year old with a bum hip who spends her Saturdays outdoors in the freezing cold autumn rain, yet walks around with a smile wide enough for two…well, you know when she talks, you’d better be listening. ‘Cause she definitely knows something you don’t.

I was lucky enough to have her share some of her wisdom with me:

“Paint with joy, always. Look at it as an adventure – sit down, start painting and just see where it takes you. Enjoy the process. The product is great, but the process, the 3-4 hours lost in total bliss – that’s the important part. ”

“Wake up every day and say to yourself, ‘Today is a wonderful day! I wonder what adventures will happen?'”

“Look for the beauty in life. No matter where you go, look for the beautiful in the every day.”

“If you want to do something, decide that you’ll do it, and you will. Anything is possible.”

“Enjoy life, because it’s amazing. It has so many gifts for you every day.”

“Do what brings you joy. Life will follow you.”

I was so honoured to have met this beautiful soul. I only hope that I can be be so happy, joyful and marvellous when I’m 93. I mean, she has an email address, for pete’s sake. How many other 93 year olds do you know with email addresses? She was simply amazing.

And then right before I left, when I went to say goodbye, she took my arm, looked me in the eye and said, “You’re going to go far. Your artwork is beautiful. You will go far.”

My heart was full to bursting.

I’ll be listening to this woman’s advice, that’s for damn sure.