Adamantine: a new series

adamantine (adjective)

1. unbreakable
2. resembling the diamond in hardness or luster
3. extremely determined and strong

Every body tells a story. This developing series of self portraits turns the lens back on myself, investigating how my experiences are mirrored through my bones, muscles and skin, using symbolism and metaphor to deepen the narrative.

My body has recorded the events of my life: trauma & abuse, chronic illness and pain, depression & anxiety, divorce, and most recently, having my left tibia reconstructed with titanium after a dramatic break.

Parts of my body are now literally unbreakable. Scarred, dinged, and dented, but unbreakable. My stories are the stories of so many. I make this work to shine a light into the dark places, and also to honour the growth, the transformation and the blossoming that can happen too. It is about the complexity of the human experience and our ability to pick ourselves up and carry on: unbreakable.

I would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council, whose support has helped me to create these pieces.