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All of my demons tell me to give up, 16" x 20" oil on board © Sarah Marie Lacy


“The Light Bearer” selected as Top 10 Finalist

Join myself, Sarah Lacy, Kendall Ayoub Nicholls and some of the other artists whose pieces were selected for the 2024 Ottawa School of Art Portrait Contest for an informal meet & greet on Wednesday, May 8 from 5pm-7pm at the Ottawa School of Art’s downtown campus!

About Sarah Marie Lacy

I make art for the brave but wary.
I make art for the wounded but walking.
I make art for the courageous yet jaded.
I make art for the people who want to feel more at home in their bodies.
I make art for the survivors figuring out how to thrive.
I make art to comfort, to nourish.
I make art to face the darkness.
I make art to embrace the light.
I make art to be honest with myself.
I make art to be honest with each other.
I make art for the messiness that is life: fragile/strong/broken/healed.
I make art to honour your journey, whatever that is.

I make art to honour you. Your body. Your strength. Your wounds. Your scars. Your triumphs.

I am a painter, draughtswoman and teacher who is endlessly fascinated by the human body in all of its intricacy, subtlety, grace and vulnerability. I am an observer of light and shadow, both literal and metaphorical.


I create portraits on commission: everything from small pencil sketches at an affordable price to family oil paintings to large-scale official commissions for institutions and businesses. Click the button below to find out more and contact me today to find out how you can create your legacy.