Wanted: My home by the sea.

Prince Edward Island, ©National Geographic

Prince Edward Island, ©National Geographic

I woke up today to realize that in 3 months, I’m moving out. I’m moving an insane 1200 miles to live in a home by the sea.

We’re about to start apartment hunting from a distance. Jesse has family there, so if I find a good place, they can always stop by and check it out for us, make sure it’s legit and not falling to pieces around our ears.

However, I’m not entirely sure if I’d care if it was, I’m so desperate to start life on my own.

In the hopes of finding somewhere perfect for us, I’m putting out a call to the Universe. (Again, inspired by Havi and her personal ad to her Hoppy House.)

A letter to my home by the sea

Wanted: Charming apartment for two in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

A street in Charlottetown, PEI

A street in Charlottetown, PEI

Hi house :)

I know you’re out there, somewhere. And we are going to find each other, and be deliciously happy together.

We’re looking for a cute little place, not too big, not too small, in the heart of downtown Charlottetown. We’d like to be in walking distance of all the shops downtown and preferably near a bus stop so that Jesse can get to school and I can get to the mall with little problem.

It’d be nice if you were in a historic house, but if you’re perfect and not, we’ll still love you. We’ll fill you with incense and flowers, and my paintings will be everywhere. We’ll cook lots of delicious homemade food, and fill you with music, laughter and love.

It’d be great if you had hardwood floors, and lots of windows. I love windows, and they’ll always be open, filling the house with that fresh sea air. We need one bedroom and space for a studio/office for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a second bedroom, or just a large closet with a window. I just need a space that’s mine for me to create in. It may get a bit messy at times, and some paint may end up on the walls, but I promise it’ll always be full of life and creativity. Also, if it could be in a quiet neighbourhood, with tree-lined streets, I’d be in heaven. And if you had some kind of communal garden, that’d be lovely. Somewhere where I can sit outside in the sun and sleep.

The kitchen is pretty important too – it’s got to be a fairly decent size, because I’ll probably hang out there a lot, and Jesse will probably do his homework in there.  And we’ll need room for bookshelves because Jesse and I both read a lot. Open plan would be nice, but again, we’re not too picky about that.

I’ll probably be home all day, and I promise to take extra good care of you. I won’t let cobwebs build in your corners, and dust bunnies roam across the open floors. I don’t use lots of chemicals when I clean (they make me sick) so you’ll never be full of yucky stuff like that. And then when Jesse gets home, he’ll love you lots as well, and he’ll help me fill you with delicious foods and smells.

If you could cost $700 a month or less, that’d be pretty fabulous. We need you to include things like heat and utilities, and internet if that’s possible.

If you’re out there, my delightful apartment by the sea, I’d really love it if you got in touch. I’d love to make a warm, happy and loving home with you.

Alright, I think that’s it.

I think that covers everything I wanted.

Brackley Beach, PEI

Brackley Beach, PEI

It’ll be an adventure that’s for sure. And if I don’t get everything that I wanted, that’s okay too. I won’t especially mind. Wherever I end up living, I know I’ll make it into a home that makes me happy. I’m the deciding factor here.

But a quiet tree-lined street, hardwood floors and lots of windows wouldn’t hurt. ;-)


  1. Sarah says

    Hi, I loved your letter to your new house. I live in P.E.I. and wonder if you ever made it to the Island. Did dream your home find you?

    Sarah M.,
    Art and sea lover, and new mother