The Sunday Hug: Happy Birthday to Me!

The Sunday HugWelcome to the Sunday Hug! Leave your shame, guilt and sin at the door, and put your Compassion Pants on. Every Sunday, I chat about things we often pretend aren’t there – fear, anger, overwhelm, envy. You know – all those things that make us human.

And then everyone gets a hug, because being a human can be hard. We all fall down sometimes. It’s cool. The great thing about falling down is you get to pick yourself back up again. With love, compassion and kindness.

Today’s hug is for me, ’cause it’s my birthday, yo.

As some of you know, it’s been a pretty painful week. I needed a weekend of celebration to reward myself for getting through it.

As I have for the last couple of years, I make my birthday a whole weekend thing. Friday, it was pancakes followed by getting my hair done.

Saturday was full of friends, cake, ice cream and wine. My friend and I went cake shopping and ended up buying 2 cakes, and 2 tubs of ice cream (we couldn’t decide). And then chocolate bars to smash up and put on top of the cake.

I made myself my favourite meal for dinner (there’s something so indulgent about taking an hour to cook your favourite meal for yourself, just because). Red wine, beef & mushroom risotto, in case you’re wondering.

More friends came over in the evening and we laughed, and ate the cake and ice cream and then headed to my favourite pub to sip drinks and listen to the fiddlers playing. It was perfect.

Today, I’m eating cake for breakfast and relaxing all day long. I’m also going to take some time to reflect on the year just passed and the year ahead.

Things are changing, both internally and externally.

I feel like I’m shedding a skin that has grown too tight.

Even as I struggle to reconnect with my body, I’ve suddenly realized that I’m pretty. I’m in this weird in between space – somewhere between the girl I was and the woman I’m becoming, both unsure and bold at the same time. It’s a..umm, interesting sensation.

A client’s daughter is a hair dressing student and wanted to enter a hair competition, but needed a model. My client asked if I’d be interested, and I thought, why the hell not? Could be fun.

Sarah Marie Lacy

It’s strange how something like an entirely new hair cut and colour can change things. In a week, my hair has been transformed from mediocre and dull, to bright, shining and sassy.

I’ve actually had people drive past me and yell, “Nice hair!”

As I work through the old beliefs from the abuse that my body is disgusting, and that I’m nothing special to look at, it’s like other people are noticing.

I’ve been complimented (and obnoxiously hit on) more in the last week than I have, ever. I’ve also had more girls my age stare daggers at me.

At first, I just thought it was the red hair. It’s pretty, well, red. Hard to miss. But as someone pointed out to me last night, maybe it’s because it looks good. Maybe it’s because I look beautiful.

Ay caramba.

Well, that’s a new thought.

So here’s to 23 being the best year yet.

May it be full of wonder and magic, growth and healing, shining and glowing.

So today you get an extra special hug – this is a birthday girl hug. They’re the best kind, doncha know. Virtual cake, ice cream and wine for all!

Quick note: Today is the last day of my “Pay What You Can” event. If there’s a piece or painting you’ve been hankering after, make me an offer I can’t refuse! Read all about it here.