The Power of Decisions

So I’ve tried to write this blog post 3 times. And each time, it came out wrong. So I decided to make a video instead. I am sitting on the floor of my studio, wearing a blanket, with absolutely no make up on and I look like I’m 5 years old. My presentation probably leaves something to be desired and it’s longer than 2 minutes, but whatever. I just needed to make this and to share it. I hope you like it.

The Power of Decisions from Sarah Lacy on Vimeo.

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    Hey Sarah, it was really nice to meet you randomly on Friday night! Your video blog is great. I am one of those people who “needed to hear this right now”, so thank you for sharing this. :)


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    You’re awesome. Totally.

    And this is so true – this week I had some major revelations about my own work and what I want to work on over the next year or so, and as you said, making a decision has marked a real shift in perspective. It *is* like magic!

    (And OMG, you are SO cute! Yes, my little chickadee, yes!)

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    Yes,I needed to hear this, because if I don’t choose myself, who will?

    I also love the idea of writing my vows. I’ll have to play with that.

    And should you feel so inclined, I think more videos would be awesome–you’re a natural!

  4. Ward says

    Your posts always speak to me in a way I can’t explain. Sometimes I think you’re speaking for me or to me. You continue to inspire and amaze me in ways you’ll never know. You’re one of the few people who have done that. Thanks for everything.

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    This really is an important message. Wonderful to watch your face light up as you talked this through! And the ritual, and your gentle offer of the story, your smile, plus the way you say the cheese word = MAGIC. Yay you!!!

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    It was important. And it changed things.

    Right on Sarah.

    This feels so totally true to me. And I don’t think we can be reminded of that enough.

    So thank you.

    And I lovelovelove how you approached this. Ritual + fun. Pure awesome.

    I’m glad you shared this.