A journey of love, not fear.

Jesse, a work in progress (detail) © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2012. Pencil on paper.

I am 3 days and $900 away from paying my tuition + rent to return to France. Of the total almost $7000 I thought I’d have to pay, having $900 left feels like something akin to a miracle. Between scholarships, sponsorships and generous donations, I am thisclose to officially being able to start my journey. […]

Success & Failure – Take 2

So I feel like I need to return to this subject and make a few clarifying points. Because I’m afraid I’ve been misunderstood. Lisa Call left this comment on my blog yesterday: I think this post is interesting in that it demonstrates that there are definitely some very negative ways to interpret the words success […]

Success & failure

Two very loaded words, I know. And they’re tossed around so much that we don’t even pay them that much attention anymore. We just assume that they’re Important. The thing is though – what do they mean? What is success? What is failure? They’re tricky questions to answer. Is success making hundreds of thousands of […]