A painting bonanza!

Grassy Cliffs, North Shore Prince Edward Island © Sarah Marie Lacy 2010

I am so tired, I’m about to fall over. I’m barely stringing together coherent sentences anymore. But I did it. The 6 paintings are finished and delivered to the Pilar Shephard Gallery. And for your enjoyment, here they are:               Most of these titles were made up while I […]

Dude, I finished a painting.

Sunlit Bay, © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2010 - 8x10 oil on canvas

It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. Umm, not the painting (I’m not that conceited) but the fact that I finished something? Even a little something? Huge. I am celebrating. Probably with chocolate. I know I’ve been pretty absent here lately, but I’m going to try and keep you guys posted on my creative progress […]