Tiny Gem Tuesday! A sweet little pepper

Study: Red Pepper © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2012. 5"x7" oil on canvas board, 2012

So I’ve decided to just go with my instinct and celebrate how much I love making tiny paintings. They’re so sweet! And colourful! And fun! I feel called small – called to the humble, beautiful, gentle things. These are the simple, significant, lovely parts of our lives. I want to paint those things – our […]

Hang out with me while I paint live

Study: Egg II © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2012. 4"x6" oil on canvas

What are you up to on this lovely Thursday afternoon? Want to come hang out? I’ll be re-starting “Watching Paint Dry” my livestreaming-from-the-studio painting show this afternoon! I’ll be sharing my processes, explaining my steps and you’ll be able to ask questions via email, chat and Twitter which I’ll answer as I paint. It starts […]

The one that I saved.

Landscape in Blue & Gold © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2011

Over 18 months ago, I took 6 paintings in to my gallerist. She sent 4 of them back with them, declaring them unfit to be seen, and most definitely unfit to be sold. I was devastated. I was proud of the work, and couldn’t understand why she’d been so upset. She’d hated them. In a […]

A day in the life…


Today while painting, Jesse got out the camera and shot some photos of me working. I thought I’d share them with you! The place where the magic happens! (My cozy little creative cave.)   Paint, brushes, a glass of water. I’m ready to go.   Apparently, I’m thinking really hard.   Thinking even harder now… […]

I’m baaaack!


I’ve restarted this post about a billion times. How do you re-introduce yourself to the world? How do you explain to people how much your life has changed while you were away? I feel rusty and slightly awkward, with so many things to say and not quite the right words to say them. None of […]

Hello from France!

Painting - Week 9

So it’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve written here. I got caught up in preparations to move to France and then once I got here…well, it’s France. I suppose you could say I started functioning on French time. ;) But I did want to give you a quick taste of the latest painting […]



I finally heard from Studio Escalier! I got into the autumn program! It’s official – almost 6 whole months in France. :) I feel like this highly politically incorrect and cliched picture accurately describes how I feel (and also, what I’m going to eat.) I’m actually just really relieved. I was far more nervous this […]

France, here I come baby!

I woke up this morning, and immediately started talking myself down. I knew I was finding out on Wednesday whether the studio program in France had accepted me or not. I wanted to feel good either way. I spent a whole hour telling myself that it wasn’t the end of the world if I didn’t […]