Monthly Cash Round Up – February ’12

Detail of a work in progress © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2012

As I promised way back in December, I would be posting my income at the end of every month, since I needed some accountability to make myself step up. December went better than November, January went better than December and…. February went worse than January. And I was tempted to post nothing here about my […]

Monthly Cash Round Up – January ’12

France, I'm coming back to you! (Also, this will probably be a painting soon.)

As I promised way back in December, I would be posting my income at the end of every month, since I needed some accountability to make myself step up. December went better than November, and January went much, much better than December. Of course, I had to pay for my tuition, so I only had […]

A journey of love, not fear.

Jesse, a work in progress (detail) © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2012. Pencil on paper.

I am 3 days and $900 away from paying my tuition + rent to return to France. Of the total almost $7000 I thought I’d have to pay, having $900 left feels like something akin to a miracle. Between scholarships, sponsorships and generous donations, I am thisclose to officially being able to start my journey. […]

Monthly Cash Round Up – December ‘11

Sketch: Carrot © Sarah Marie Lacy 2012

You’ll remember that at the beginning of December, I decided that I was going to make more money and declared all of my financial goals to you, along with a commitment to publicly reveal my monthly income. Right, so this is the first of those, for December. Now, in November, I made $626.95. Yes, it […]

money & the struggle against apathy

Sugar cookies © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2011 - 4"x6" oil on canvas board, $75

It’s been a week since I declared my terrifying, but determined goal to step up and start making more money. Since then, the Universe has conspired in my favour – clients I haven’t heard from in years emailed me, I had a portrait commission and a print order, and then another portrait commission. I got […]

Money talk: a confession and a goal

Study: Clementine © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2011

Confession: since I arrived home from France, my financial situation has been in shambles. My boyfriend and I are bleeding cash. Six months with little work, and minimal marketing of either my art or my web design services has left me scraping by, scrambling to get my rent together. I’ve been working at rebuilding, but […]

A Knight In Shining Armour

Pond in Victoria Park © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2011

The day I was accepted into Studio Escalier in France, I applied for the Elizabeth Greenshields award. It’s a $12,500 grant awarded to realist artists for various reasons. I was hoping to use money to offset the majority of my costs this summer. Yesterday, I received a note informing me that I hadn’t been successful. […]

Dealing with money overwhelm

I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been having a meltdown a few fears. January 5th is fast approaching. That’s the day I’m informed whether I’ve been accepted into the program in France or not. Quite frankly (and surprisingly), I’m not worried about that part. It’s totally out of my hands, so there […]

Success & failure

Two very loaded words, I know. And they’re tossed around so much that we don’t even pay them that much attention anymore. We just assume that they’re Important. The thing is though – what do they mean? What is success? What is failure? They’re tricky questions to answer. Is success making hundreds of thousands of […]

Insecure Pants

I’m sitting in my new living room, listening to the wind and snow rage outside. I woke up wearing my insecure pants. They’ve been on a lot lately. I think it has something to do with February. I’m counting down the days until March, when spring starts to whisper it’s promise of warmer days and […]


I’ve been working a lot with my money issues lately. I’ve suddenly got more money that I’ve ever had before so yay. But instead of fixing my money problems, it’s actually just shining a brighter light on all the ways me and money don’t get along. I want to fix that before I do something […]