Farewell, Prince Edward Island. It’s been an adventure.

Seascape: Blue & Gold, 16"x20" oil on canvas, framed, $700 © Sarah Marie Lacy 2012

Today is my last day living on Prince Edward Island. Early tomorrow morning, I’ll get in my 14ft Uhaul cube van and together with my boyfriend and his dad, we’ll drive our stuff the 2000km back to Niagara, Ontario where we’re originally from to store what’s left of our belongings with our parents before heading […]

Happy Hour Fridays: It's Good Friday!

Again, another week that has gone so fast, my head is still in Tuesday. It’s been quite the week. Lots and lots and lots of processing. Lots of letting go and moving forward. Big gigantic life changes. Sigh. When do I not have a week like that? It’s kind of exhausting actually. Some good stuff […]