A journey of love, not fear.

Jesse, a work in progress (detail) © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2012. Pencil on paper.

I am 3 days and $900 away from paying my tuition + rent to return to France. Of the total almost $7000 I thought I’d have to pay, having $900 left feels like something akin to a miracle. Between scholarships, sponsorships and generous donations, I am thisclose to officially being able to start my journey. […]

Time to assimilate 2011

Sarah Marie Lacy

This has been one huge, crazy, scary year. It’s been amazing and terrifying and difficult all at the same time. I have had moments of blissful joy and moments of gut-wrenching sadness. I have grieved. I have dreamed. I have worked, hard, for what I want. And now as the year wraps up, I’m cranky. […]

Sometimes, smaller is better.

Butternut squash study

I am exceptionally good at freaking myself out. One morning, I sat down and calculated the cost of my returning to France next year to continue studying. As I’d suspected, it’s around $20,000. Ay carumba. All those zeros still freak me out. And while it’s not that much considering the quality of education I’ll be […]

A Knight In Shining Armour

Pond in Victoria Park © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2011

The day I was accepted into Studio Escalier in France, I applied for the Elizabeth Greenshields award. It’s a $12,500 grant awarded to realist artists for various reasons. I was hoping to use money to offset the majority of my costs this summer. Yesterday, I received a note informing me that I hadn’t been successful. […]

Stretching: It’s now my full-time job.

Me at Halloween (I was a Bond Girl)

I’m kind of glad January is almost over. It’s not that it hasn’t been amazing and fabulous. It’s just been…a lot. A lot of scary. A whole helluva lot of stretching. Stretching past fear, past self-imposed limitations, past my ideas of what is possible or not. On December 24th, in “The Crisis is Over” I […]

Dealing with money overwhelm

I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been having a meltdown a few fears. January 5th is fast approaching. That’s the day I’m informed whether I’ve been accepted into the program in France or not. Quite frankly (and surprisingly), I’m not worried about that part. It’s totally out of my hands, so there […]