Success & Failure – Take 2

So I feel like I need to return to this subject and make a few clarifying points. Because I’m afraid I’ve been misunderstood. Lisa Call left this comment on my blog yesterday: I think this post is interesting in that it demonstrates that there are definitely some very negative ways to interpret the words success […]

Success & failure

Two very loaded words, I know. And they’re tossed around so much that we don’t even pay them that much attention anymore. We just assume that they’re Important. The thing is though – what do they mean? What is success? What is failure? They’re tricky questions to answer. Is success making hundreds of thousands of […]

Honouring my mistakes

When the world comes crashing down on your head, the absolute first thing we always want to do is make it go away. And can you blame us? It sucks – why on earth would we want to keep it around? Particularly any reminders of it. Get rid of those too. Get rid of everything […]