Have you ever seen a painter dance?

Let’s just do some number crunching here. In 10 days: – I made $4,115 gross profit – made $3,751.14 net profit – sold 12 paintings and prints –  had 65 people contribute –  had 65 people get in on the adventure with “Sketches from the Road“ Rock on. Now this isn’t over just yet. I’ve […]

A thank you from Hannah

Hannah really wanted to share how grateful she is for all of your support, and so I asked her to write a little something to share with you. She’s written it so beautifully, that’s about all the introduction it needs. Take it away, Hannah.   “I’ve tried to write this message a few times over […]

Maintaining perspective

I woke up feeling anxious today. I hurt my foot last night, which didn’t help, but I knew exactly what I was worrying about. Raising the money for Hannah. It’s about 6 days in, which I know isn’t a long time. But the initial flurry of activity has slowed down. We raised the first $500 […]