Happy Hour Fridays: Hello Summer!

It is finally summer here. Oh my goodness. It’s been a cold, long, miserable spring, and I’ve been seriously displeased. But yesterday, summer burst into full swing and the trees have suddenly bloomed, the flowers are out, and the heat is here. Took it’s sweet time, but whatever. This year, I may even be slightly […]

And the winner is…

The names are in. The time is up. My mother has randomly picked a winner. (“I think I’ll go with lucky number 13.”) The stage is set to announce the winner of my very first giveaway. Let’s get started. Drum roll pleeease! The winner of my fabulous you-love-your-mother-so-give-her-some-art Mother’s Day giveaway is: Kelly Parkinson! Yep, […]

Taking responsibility

Ever get the feeling that everyone’s just watching you to see if you’ll fail? Definitely getting that vibe from certain people around Jesse and I about our plans to move to PEI. And it’s frustrating, and I’ve been letting it get to me. It comes over me as a feeling of total helplessness, a powerlessness […]