“Pietro da Cortona could not pass before the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in the Capitole in Rome without saying to it with a ‘pittoresque’ enthusiasm (that’s to say, of a painter): “Go on then! Don’t you know that you’re alive?”

“Pierre de Cortone ne pouvait passer devant la statue équestre de Marc-Aurèle dans la cour du Capitole á Rome sans lui dire par un enthousiasme ‘pittoresque’ (c’est à dire, du peintre): “Avance donc! Ne sçais-tu pas que tu est vivant?'”

- Réflexions critiques sur la poésie et sur la peinture, l’Abbé Du Bos, 1719


Who We Are

Studio Escalier was founded in 2001, by the artists Timothy Stotz, Anthony Ryder and Nicole Michelle Tully.

Their formative experiences under Ted Seth Jacobs provided the precepts of the school curriculum and the basis of the studio culture.

In addition to our Intensive Courses in Argenton-Chateau, and our Drawing Programs in Paris, Studio Escalier also occasionally invites very select visiting faculty to offer short residencies and other courses.

You can learn more about faculty on the FACULTY page.

Our student body has represented 35 different countries, more than 25 major cities worldwide, as well as 40 US states.

We enroll a total of 55 to 75 students annually, across all programs.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

The average student age in our Intensive Courses and Winter at the Louvre program is 30 years old.
(Approximately three-quarters are age 18 to 29, one-quarter are age 30 to 65+.)

The average student age for our shorter drawing programs and various special programs is 44 years old.

The average percentage of returning alumni enrolled in any course is 50%. (Alumni must re-apply for re-entry.) But alumni students may be returning after a pause of any length: 2 weeks, 3 months, 7 months, a year, or longer.

Our best students seem to find us by word of mouth, so please tell your friends and colleagues about us.


How to Contact Us

This website receives more than 4500 unique visitors monthly, averaging 10,000 page-views, from more than 75 countries worldwide.

All interested artists and art students can learn about our upcoming courses on our HOME page, and
should read about the application process on the HOW to APPLY page.

We have been privileged to enroll over 500 people in the last ten years — including professional artists, teachers
and artistic talents coming from some of the most competitive schools, universities, arts organizations, companies,
and art studios in the world.

From the beginning, our admissions policy has remained exactly the same.

All Studio Escalier courses are enrolled by online application only, including portfolio submission.

If you have any questions not answered by this website, would like to add your name
to our mailing list, or want to send us your application, please e-mail us at:

Our historic studio and lectures in Paris, as well as our campus in Argenton-Chateau, are not open to the general public.

Individual interviews — in person or on the telephone — are not a part of the admissions process.
We appreciate curiosity, but personal tours and studio visits are not offered to prospective students for any reason.

To protect our (and their) privacy and concentration, our classroom studio is open to currently enrolled students only.
We spend a lot of quality time with our students. If you are enrolled in an upcoming program, that’s when we’ll meet you.

Thanks in advance for your comprehension.