Sketches from the Road

If you’ve ever fantasized about dropping everything and taking off to the French countryside to live, drink wine, eat food and create, then I’ve got just the thing for you.

I’d like to introduce you to Sketches from the Road, my wallet-friendly version of armchair travel.

Last year, nearly 100 people joined me as I took off to France to study classical painting surrounded by the beauty of the Loire Valley for 6 months.

Every week, they received an email from me containing a little love letter, a video of me being a goof and sharing stories about life in rural France and about the art I was making, as well as photos of all of the places I was visiting and images of my work as it changed and improved from week to week.

And this May, it’s starting all over again.

Except this time, the adventure is going to be 3x as long, as I rearrange my entire life to study in France for the next 18 months.

{Check out the visual map/calendar of my plan!}

That’s 18 months of travel, fun, silliness and art delivered to your inbox every week. (There will probably be a lot of wine as well.)

You’ll see all of the photos of the place that I visit. Not tourist snapshots, but photos taken with love and care.

Photos taken with an artist’s eye.

The secret beauty in places that have been photographed a million times before.

You’ll get to hear about the delicious and occasionally wacky food that I try. (Last year I got into some pigeon and some raw duck. On the same day.)

And then there are the adventures. (Like small town France circuses! And weird festivals! And chateaux!)

And then there’s the art. While I’m in France, hardly any new art is posted to my website. This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the process and training that it takes to become a skilled and sophisticated classical realist painter.

If you love art, travel, food, wine and a generous dose of goofiness, then you’re going to want to sign up for this. It’s basically like my own reality TV series, minus the fake tans and six-pack abs. And my hair doesn’t poof that high.

(And stay tuned for some side trips to Berlin, Venice, the French Alps and goodness only knows where else!)

People are talking!

Here’s what Darcy, one of last year’s delightful subscribers, had to say about it:

Out of all the things I spent money on last year, one that gave me the most pleasure was Sarah Marie Lacy’s Sketches from the Road. For $20, I got videos, pictures, and letters (disguised as email/blog posts) that let me see a part of France and a kind of life (full-time art student) that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Not to mention getting to feel like a patron of the arts for such a bargain price and access to the lovely Sarah, who is simply delightful…

I think you would take such delight in Sarah’s sense of humor and goofiness and brilliance. Also: full-time art student doesn’t *quite* capture it– she’s studying at this small studio school in France. It’s like a movie story! But it’s real! I am a Sarah-fan. It’s hard to contain myself when I talk about her.”

(Me = with the hardcore warm-fuzzies right now.)

So how much does all of this awesome cost you?

You can join Sketches from the Road for the suggested donation price of $20. All of the proceeds from signing up go directly towards my tuition and living expenses while I’m there.

You’ll also get access to all 20 of last year’s episodes when you sign up.

So you’re in, right? Right? Because I totally wanna share my adventure with you.

Make like a Medici and sign up!

(You know, because the Medicis supported the arts? And you’re supporting an artist? Get it?…Yeah, I won’t quit my day job.)

Price: $20 is the suggested price.
However, when you click the button below, you’ll be able to put in whatever amount you wish to pay.


After you pay, you’ll be taken to a sign-up form where you can put in your preferred email address to receive the Sketches from the Road weekly email.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me – I will never sell, rent or let anyone except for me near your email address. I hate spam too.

Sarah Marie Lacy paintingSarah Marie Lacy standing next to the Eiffel Tower


Sarah Marie Lacy, eating escargots for the first time.