Buying art online can be a venture into the unknown so to answer some of your questions and soothe your fears, here are some of the things I get asked the most. Got anymore questions? Shoot me an email, I’d be happy to help!

What is your art made of?

Most of my work on this site is oil on canvas, or canvas board.

Can my painting get damaged?

All of my paintings are varnished to ensure that they’re as protected as possible from the usual dangers* – dust, dirt, yellowing with age. Hopefully your painting will last for the next few hundred years or so.

*Obviously if someone attacks your painting with a knife, the varnish won’t help. Short of a glass box, there aren’t many ways to protect your painting from pointy objects. We’ll just have to fix it afterward.

Is it framed? Can you frame it for me? What if I don’t want the frame?

All of the pieces on this site will say if they’re framed or unframed. If they’re framed, and that’s fine with you, then you can buy the painting as is.

If a piece is framed and you’d prefer to frame it yourself, that’s not a problem. Just email me, and I’ll make sure that you’re charged the unframed price instead.

If a piece is unframed and you’d like me to frame it for you, again just email me – I’d be happy to work something out with you.

Can I pay you in installments?

Heck yes you can. Again, just contact me and we can work out a payment plan that’s right for you.

Why is art so expensive?

Art’s expensive for a lot of reasons. It can be expensive to produce a piece – you have to factor in the cost of canvas, paint, brushes, varnish, and usually the framing which can be costly, particularly on larger or custom size pieces. There’s also the time you spend making each piece – most artists will tell you that their art is labour intensive and you might spend hours, weeks and even months on one piece.

How big is it? What if it doesn’t fit in my house/apartment/cardboard box?

It can be so hard to judge the size of a painting from a website. All measurements of the pieces have been listed underneath each image, but those sizes are without the frame. You can usually add an extra 4 inches to the width and height to get the approximate size.

To get an idea of how big a piece is, 8″x10″ is about the same size as a standard letter, with a 10″x12″ being a bit bigger. A 12″16″ is just a tad smaller than a magazine opened up completely. Everything above a 12″x16″ is harder to find things to compare to, but a 24″x36″ is a standard movie poster size, so everything in between is smaller than that. If you’re really unsure, contact me and I can give you the exact framed measurements.

What if I hate it?

Well then you get your money back, of course! Buying art off the internet is scary – you never know what to expect. As a general rule though, if you’re buying art from a reputable artist, I find the art looks better than you expected. There are certain things that an online imageĀ  just doesn’t capture – for example, oil paintings are glossy from the varnish. My acrylics are the same. And there’s just a depth of colour, and those intangible qualities that can’t be captured online.

However, if it arrives and it’s totally not what you expected and you absolutely 100% abhorr it, then of course you get a full refund, no questions asked.

What if it clashes with my decor?

There are 2 solutions to this – the first is to not worry about it, and just buy art for the sheer love of it.

However, I get that you live with other people and other said person might be really worried about clashing.

Unless your home is very strongly decorated (think loud colours, and bold patterns), your art clashing with the decor isn’t a huge concern. Most people decorate their homes tastefully, and fairly neutrally. A lot of paintings, especially of landscapes, still lifes and figures, aren’t painted in really strong colours, and so fit in well.

So unless you’re buying a hot pink painting to go in a bright red room – I wouldn’t worry about it.

I don’t know which piece to pick. Can you help me?

Heck yes, I can help you! Just email me, let me know what pieces you like, where you’d like it to go and we can set up a call (free of charge) to discuss which piece is best for you. I’ll just be happy you love my art so much you can’t pick!

Do you do custom paintings? I want you to paint my dead parrot, can you do that for me?

I would love to. I really enjoy custom work – it’s a lot of fun to collaborate with someone else on their creative vision. For more details, visit my Custom Art page.

What kind of brushes do you use?

I’m a big fan of Escoda brushes – they’re handmade in Spain and they’re gorgeous. I love them.

How long does it take you to paint something?

That depends on the size of the painting and the complexity of the subject matter, but anywhere between 5 and 100 hours. A 16″x20″ takes me approximately 30-40 hours to paint. I’m currently working on a 24″x36″ that’s got about 80 hours work into it so far and it’s not finished yet.

Where did you learn to paint?

I’m actually mostly self taught although I’ve studied under a few artists over the years. Practice has taught me the most though.