Perfectionism and quality

There’s such a fine line between the two. On the one hand, you don’t want to put crappy artwork out into the world. You want your best stuff out there representing you. On the other hand, perfectionism can be crippling – I should know. I’ve got an awful case of it. Keith Bond wrote a […]


I would just like to say a big YEEHAW for my new site – if you’re reading this by RSS or by email, you’ll definitely want to click through and check it out. I am super proud of my new baby – blood, sweat, tears, and 5 days straight of coding went into this puppy. […]


I’m still struggling with repricing my art. It’s kind of getting ridiculous how long it’s taking. But the deeper I dig, the pattern, the stuck gets wider and wider. It’s like I’ve discovered an entire catacomb of stuck and insecurity. My CV isn’t huge – I haven’t participated in a huge number of shows, and […]