Stretching: It’s now my full-time job.

Me at Halloween (I was a Bond Girl)

I’m kind of glad January is almost over. It’s not that it hasn’t been amazing and fabulous. It’s just been…a lot. A lot of scary. A whole helluva lot of stretching. Stretching past fear, past self-imposed limitations, past my ideas of what is possible or not. On December 24th, in “The Crisis is Over” I […]

A confession and A Thing To Announce

So first, I have a confession to make. It’s going to sound really un-artist like, and I apologize if I shock your tender sensibilities. Dude, I love business and marketing. I know it’s not very seemly for an artist to passionately declare her love of marketing, but it’s true. I was 16 when it dawned […]

My new home

2010-02-22 16-12-03.379

After 3 weeks of living here, I’ve finally had the chance to take pictures of the new apartment so I can show you guys. I am so completely in love with this place, possibly more so than ever.                     It’s just so beautiful here, I can’t […]