Stretching: It’s now my full-time job.

Me at Halloween (I was a Bond Girl)

I’m kind of glad January is almost over. It’s not that it hasn’t been amazing and fabulous. It’s just been…a lot. A lot of scary. A whole helluva lot of stretching. Stretching past fear, past self-imposed limitations, past my ideas of what is possible or not. On December 24th, in “The Crisis is Over” I […]

A confession and A Thing To Announce

So first, I have a confession to make. It’s going to sound really un-artist like, and I apologize if I shock your tender sensibilities. Dude, I love business and marketing. I know it’s not very seemly for an artist to passionately declare her love of marketing, but it’s true. I was 16 when it dawned […]

My new home

2010-02-22 16-12-03.379

After 3 weeks of living here, I’ve finally had the chance to take pictures of the new apartment so I can show you guys. I am so completely in love with this place, possibly more so than ever.                     It’s just so beautiful here, I can’t […]

Everything will be fine.

Yesterday morning, I was pretty much having a meltdown. I was so tired and couldn’t bear to face another day of work. I knew that if things continued like this, I wouldn’t be doing anything, let alone working in 2 months time. I’d be practically comatose. But I made a choice – that if it […]

The new apartment!

I am so totally in lurve with my new apartment. I’m pretty sure it’s actually heaven. It’s perfect for me and Jesse and we’ve already turned it into our home in a matter of days. Although admittedly, I’ve gotta sort out the overwhelming mound of clothes in the closet. What can I say? I’m a […]

Happy Hour Fridays: Hello Summer!

It is finally summer here. Oh my goodness. It’s been a cold, long, miserable spring, and I’ve been seriously displeased. But yesterday, summer burst into full swing and the trees have suddenly bloomed, the flowers are out, and the heat is here. Took it’s sweet time, but whatever. This year, I may even be slightly […]