An anniversary, remembering and moving forward

Sunrise, steps from my home.

Eleven years ago today, I got sick. The emotional effects didn’t hit me till weeks later, but today was the day it started – 11pm at night, suddenly awake and feeling ill. And then that feeling just never going away. It’s been a long road to the place where I am now. Last year felt […]

Walk it off.

Charlottetown Harbour, © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2011

  Usually I’m a yoga person. I love stretching my body and feeling myself fall into happy alignment. I get an annoyingly chipper post-yoga high. It usually involves skipping. But lately, as I heal from the sexual abuse in my past, I’ve found myself less and less inclined to hit the mat. The days stretched […]

How to promote yourself while falling apart emotionally.

Reference photo for future painting. © Sarah Marie Lacy, 2011

So I’m just going to out and say it: Things have not been pretty here at S. M. Lacy Art headquarters the past few weeks. Quite frankly, I’m sort of falling apart. I leave for France 2 months today. Which is all kinds of fabulous and terrifying at once. Mostly fabulous. Except for the part […]

Unraveling Beauty

Sarah Marie Lacy

I have my modeling audition today. I’m not really nervous anymore. (What’s the worst that can happen? They say no? Big whoop. I’m more worried I’ll put my foot in my mouth, or faceplant it.) There are a lot of tangled threads here that I’m still working out. Thread #1 – The Idea that I […]