I'm on the move.

A few days ago, I discussed being overwhelmed by the stuff going on this week. Now that things have been finalized, I feel like I’m able to discuss them a little more. It seems that in 2 weeks, I’m moving. Yes, twice in six months. No, I’m pretty sure I’m not insane, but then the […]

2009, Thou Shalt Be The Year of Non Suck.

It’s not that 2008 was necessarily a bad year. More like it was a hard year. A year where I noticed that my life was not what I wanted it to be at all, and as a result, went through lots and lots of growing pains. And I mean lots. And loudly. With lots of […]

Always listen to the happy 93 year old.

She probably knows something you don’t. I met the most marvelous woman this weekend. (This is what I was going to talk about yesterday, before self doubt won out. I feel better today though, thank God.) Charlotte is her name, and art is her game. This woman has come every single Saturday to the Queen […]