Lonely, © Sarah Marie Lacy

Lonely, © Sarah Marie Lacy - 18"x24" acrylic on canvas. NFS.

This piece has been the most popular painting I’ve ever done. It’s a powerful piece, one that I poured my soul into. It took me 18 months to complete it and there were countless reworkings.

There were so many days where I felt this, growing up with a chronic illness – my body felt old, and I felt tired, worn out, broken down. This was a cathartic subject for me to paint.

But while I understood this feeling, I also wanted to infuse this piece with hope – there’s sunshine, and new growth and in the foreground, tiny daffodils are peeking their heads out to welcome the spring.

The subject is actually my grandfather and after his passing, I gave it to my mother as a gift.

Prints are available upon request.