In my head, there is a world that is spacious, calm, grounding.In this world, you let your light shine out with ease. Your spirit, your soul, is unshackled from the doubts and fears and judgments that we put upon it.

It’s a world where your spirit runs free and kisses the wind, where you dance in the rain, and fling your arms wide and the world can hear your cry, “I am alive and I am here!”

You are the blowing wind, the roaring sea. You are connected. You are blissful.

In this world, everything humble is divine. Everything grand is blessed. It is a place where the simple divinity of an orange is just as magnificent as the glory of crashing waves.

It is a world where your wounds are soothed and healed, where your tears are cradled and your dreams are supported. The darkness always has a light on the horizon. There is always hope. In this world, your pain is transformed into light breaking through the clouds. There’s beauty in the bittersweet, in the journey from dark back to light.

It’s my own journey. It’s everyone’s journey.

I paint this world to show you that you are powerful, you are loved, you are free. I paint it because I believe that you are amazing and wonderful and deep and kind and compassionate and generous and I want to see you shine and shine and shine.

It is a world where there is space for your soul. That’s the world I paint.

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Drawing at the Musee du Louvre, Paris, March 2013

The studio