A sneak peek at Sketches from the Road 2012

Can you believe that this Friday morning is when my crazy French adventure begins? I’m a packing, cleaning, painting hurricane right now, so this is just a quick note!

To celebrate the beginning of the adventure, I wanted to share a taste of Sketches from the Road with you, by making a sort of “pilot” episode. That way, if it seems like this is your cup of tea, you can sign up!

You can check it out right here (and find out all the details of my upcoming adventure!):

For now, I must return to the mountain of laundry and packing awaiting me. Alas. And then in 3 days, my adventure begins!

If you’d like to join me and sign up for Sketches from the Road, donate right here ($20 suggested price, but whatever number floats your boat really):

Alternatively, buying a painting gets you a free subscription to SFTR 2012, and you can view the latest and greatest ones here:

 Gorgeous paintings of France & England

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    Just wanted to say how psyched I am for the new season of Sketches from the Road. I loved every single one last year, and it was the best money I spent on entertainment (although it sounds odd to call it entertainment, because it’s so much more than that) all year. Happy trails!